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Domain Registration – Protect Your Brand! – Securely register your favorite domains!

Our reliance extends to computers, networks, smartphones, tablets, as well as hardware and software.

Deprived of their proper function, our productivity grinds to a halt. Across diverse industries, the smooth operation of our technology is crucial.

When glitches arise, the effort to address them becomes a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor, exacting both financial and reputational costs on individuals and businesses alike.

This is where our services prove valuable! 


Whether you choose to entrust us with exclusive technology management or contact us as needed.

Whether you opt for us to oversee your technology comprehensively or reach out when necessary.

“Leave the technology to us, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.”

Protect Your Brand

Find your perfect domain!

Professional Technoglogy Assistance, Computer Repair, IT Services Everything you need to get online!

Domain Registration

Email and Calendars



Dedicated Servers

Data Backup and Business Continuity

Managed IT Services

Desktop Support for PC and Mac

Network Vulnerability Testing and Security

Business Continuity and Data Backup Solutions

VoIP, Phones, and Services

Social Media


Field Services

Managed Services, Remote Monitoring and Device Magement

Take a proactive approach to identify issues in your devices!

Receive alerts about potential drive failures before they occur!


Virus protection, Software malfunctions,

Patches and Updates,

Device downtimes,

Remote Access,  Reporting

Computer Repair

Instant expert help

Contact us at 214-438-0038 via call, text, or voicemail. Describe your issue briefly, and we'll return your call within 15 minutes.
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Let us design

“Your Company”





Data Backup / Business Continuity

Our businesses depend on our data; don’t let a virus or crash jeopardize yours.

Safeguard your data with our comprehensive backup and restore solutions for both business and personal devices.

Security Cameras

Do it yourself or let us install

Not every user possesses the same technical expertise.

People employ technology in diverse ways and for various reasons.

Whether you’re an engineer, novice, IT enthusiast, or casual user, we understand and cater to your needs.

Our services are here for you!


Our troubleshooting expertise empowers us to comprehend the workings of everything,

Even in the absence of prior knowledge about your software, hardware, or network

Call us

Instant expert Help

Over The Phone


The cost per tech support call is $75.00, resolving one issue per call. 

Need immediate expert help over the phone? Reach out by calling, texting, or leaving a voicemail at 214-438-0038 with a short description of your problem. Our experts will call you back within 15 minutes to resolve your technical issues! Service fee: $75.00 per call (one issue per call).

In the realm of IT, a challenge lies in ensuring your concern reaches someone capable of resolving it.

Passion fuels our work; technology isn’t merely our profession but an integral part of who we are.

For our seasoned support team, it’s not just a job but a way of life.


Computer Repair

Hardware, software, or connectivity issues – you've come to the right place. Submit a description of your issue, and receive a quote within minutes.

Instant Expert Help over the phone

We'll provide remote assistance for your technical products and issues. Call, text, or leave a voicemail at 214-438-0038 with a description of your issue, and you'll receive a callback within minutes.

Website Builder

Discover our product offerings to explore various website options. Create a professional website with our Website Builder or WordPress choices. We've got everything you need to establish your online presence!

Let us design your company a beautiful professional website

Ask for a quote, and we'll provide you with a website design estimate within minutes.

Domain Registration

Protect your brand! Check out our domain registration products, find your ideal domain options, get a quote, and make a purchase within minutes.

IT Services

Discover our diverse range of IT products to understand more about our options. Learn how we can address your IT needs, get a quote, and complete your purchase within minutes.

managed services, devices & network monitoring

Proactively identify potential failures in your devices. Receive alerts about potential crashed drives before they occur. Safeguard against viruses, software failures, device downtime, and enable remote access.

Dedicated Servers

Explore our range of server options, including self-managed and fully-managed dedicated servers, such as Dedicated Windows Servers, Dedicated Linux Servers, and VPS Servers. We also offer Hosting Servers with options like cPanel and Plesk Business Hosting. Request a quote to have us set up and maintain your server, and we'll provide a quote within minutes.

Security Cameras

Experienced installers for Security Camera Systems Explore our range of Smart Security Cameras for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sub Contractor & Contract employees

Temporary IT Staffing Solutions Need a professional representative to handle your IT Services calls? Our temporary IT employees can seamlessly represent your company and brand.

PC Imaging, Computer & Network Upgrades

Upgrade and PC Imaging Enhance your network with router upgrades and installations. Optimize performance with switch upgrades and installations. Ensure organization and efficiency with racking services. Seamless server installations for enhanced functionality. Tidy up and organize cables for a cleaner workspace.

Project Management & Consulting

Consulting Services and Project Management Enhance the performance and security of your company's technology infrastructure. Regional IT Services offers expert guidance in shaping and implementing your IT strategy.

“The days of intimidating & confusing Technology Support are finally over!”

“They have helped me immensely with security cameras for my home and business.

They also take care of their community, which I appreciate the most when choosing a locally owned business.!”


Business Owner / Corporate Sales

Happy customers

“The best IT company we have worked with!

Not only do they make it look so simple, but they have the best customer service in the industry.”


Nurse / Dr.'s Office Private Practice

“Fixed my computers for an issue that had us at our wits end.

We spent countless hours trying to resolve.

They were very professional and had it done in no time!!”


Business Owner / Fashion

Your Questions Our answers

Discover our range of products to delve into your technology choices, or provide a detailed breakdown of your requirements for a personalized quote from us.


Contact us via email at [email protected], or call or text us at 214-438-0038.

You can also submit your inquiries using the form below, and we’ll promptly get in touch with you to address your ongoing support requirements.

Our support is customized to meet the unique needs of both companies and individuals.

While many companies with comparable services typically connect you with their entry-level support technicians, often newer employees in the learning phase of their roles, we take a different approach.

When you reach out to us, you access expert support staff with in-depth knowledge of technology, processes, and procedures.

With over 20 years of support experience spanning various industries, we provide unparalleled assistance.

Simply access your account by clicking the login button at the top of the page. Navigate to your profile menu, where you can easily modify your account, add or cancel services.

Encountering issues? Reach out to us at [email protected] or complete the form below, and our experts will promptly assist you. Alternatively, submit a support ticket through our website.

We leverage technology with the belief that it should simplify our lives.

While some firms stick to traditional methods, we embrace all available technology to reduce unnecessary costs.

This includes promoting remote work, utilizing cloud services, conducting video conferences, and deploying field services tailored to specific regions.

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