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We are dependent on our Computers, Networks, Smart Phones, Tablets, Hardware and Software. 

Without them, our productivity, comes to a standstill.

No matter the business or industry, we depend on our technology to work properly. 

When it doesn’t, it is time consuming, frustrating, and time consuming trying to resolve the issue.

All while costing you or your business money, even reputation in the process.

 This is where our services are beneficial. 


Rather you allow us to manage your technology exclusively, or call us as needed

We are like having your own personal IT Department without the, HR hassles, expenses or overhead.

Our Senior Level Support Specialist, along with our robust infrastructure are here to make sure you, and your company are able to:

“Focus on what you do best, running “Your” business.

Protect Your Brand

Professional Technoglogy Assistance, Computer Repair, IT Services Everything you need to get online!

Domain Registration

Email and Calendars



Dedicated Servers


Data Backup / Business Continuity

Managed IT Services

Desktop support / PC & Mac

Network vulnerability testing / Network Security

Business Continuity / Data Backup Solutions

VoiP / Phones / Services

Social Media

Sub Contracting

Field Services


Managed Services, Remote Monitoring and Device Magement

Be proactive in detecting failures in your devices!

Get alerted to potential crashed drives before it happens!


Virus protection,
Failed software,

Patches and Updates,

Down Devices,

Remote Access, 

Computer Repair

Instant expert help

Call, text, or leave a vm @ 214-438-0038 with a description of your issue and one of our experts will call you back within 15 minutes
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Let us design

“Your Company”





Data Backup / Business Continuity

Our businesses depends on our data, don’t let a virus, or crash take yours out,

Protect your Data, Keep it safe with our
complete backup and restore solutions, For Business and Personal devices

Security Cameras

Do it yourself or let us install


Our troubleshooting skills,

Gives us the ability to understand how everything works,

Without any prior knowledge of your software, hardware, or network.

Call us

Instant expert Help

Over The Phone


75.00 per call

(1 issue per call)


One of the problems in IT is actually getting your problem to  someone who can actually resolve your issue. 

We love what we do, technology is not just what we do, but who we are.

It is a way of life for our experienced support staff.


Every user is not going to be on the same level technically.

We all use our technology in different ways for different reasons. 

Rather you are an engineer, beginner, IT Enthusiast, or casual user, we can relate.

We are here to provide service to you!

What do you need help with? Instant Expert Help over the phone, call, text or leave a vm with a description of the problem @ 214-438-0038 One of our experts will call you back within 15 minutes! to assist you with your technical issue! 75.00 (one issue per call)

Computer Repair

Hardware, software, or connectivity issues,

you have come to the right place,

submit a description of your issue and receive a quote within minutes.

Instant Expert Help over the phone

Will will remotely assist you with your technical products and issues.

Call, text, or leave a voicemail at
214-438-0038 with a description of your issue,

receive a call back within minutes.

Website Builder

Explore our products to learn more about your website options,

Build yourself a professional website using our Website Builder or Word Press options,

We have everything you need to get online!

Let us design your company a beautiful professional website

Request a quote to have us design your website,

We will have a quote ready for you within minutes.

Domain Registration

Protect your Brand! Explore our domain registration products

search for your perfect domain options, and receive a quote, and purchase within minutes.

IT Services

Explore all of our various IT products to learn more about our options
and how we can help with your IT needs, receive a quote, and purchase within minutes.

managed services, devices & network monitoring

Be proactive in detecting failures in your devices,

Get alerted to potential crashed drives before it happens.

Virus protection, failed software, down devices, remote access…

Dedicated Servers

Self Managed and Fully Managed Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated Windows Servers
Dedicated Linux Servers
VPS Servers

Hosting Servers:
Plesk Business Hosting

request a quote to have us setup and maintain your server we will, have a quote for you within minutes.

Security Cameras

Professional Security Camera System Installers

We sell Indoor & Outdoor Smart Security Cameras

Sub Contractor & Contract employees

Temporary IT employees

Require someone to run an IT Services call for your company,

Represent your company and brand in a professional manner

PC Imaging, Computer & Network Upgrades

Upgrading and PC imaging,

Router upgrades and installs,

Switch upgrades and installs,


Server Installs,

cable clean up

Project Management & Consulting

Consulting services and Project Management,

We help improve the PC, and Network performance, and security of your companies technology

Regional IT Services can expertly guide your IT strategy and implementation.

“The days of intimidating & confusing Technology Support are finally over!”

“They have helped me immensely with security cameras for my home and business.

They also take care of their community, which I appreciate the most when choosing a locally owned business.!”


Business Owner / Corporate Sales

Happy customers

“The best IT company we have worked with!

Not only do they make it look so simple, but they have the best customer service in the industry.”


Nurse / Dr.'s Office Private Practice

Fixed my computers for an issue that had us at our wits end.

We spent countless hours trying to resolve.

They were very professional and had it done in no time!!”


Business Owner / Fashion

Your Questions Our answers

Explore our products to learn more about your technology options or submit a break down of your needs to receive a quote from us.


send an email to [email protected], call or text us at 214-438-0038, or submit your questions in the form below, and we will reach out to you to discuss your ongoing support needs.

Our support is more tailored to the specific needs of the company or individual. 

When you call other companies with similar services, you often interact with their 1st level support techs.

These are most often new employees who are still learning how the company works, at this stage they are not very knowledgeable. 

When you call us, you get expert support, who have expert knowledge of the technology, processes, and procedures inside and out.

Over 20 years of support experience across all industries.  

Just log into your account, go to your profile menu, from here you can make changes to your account, add or cancel services.

If you have any problems, send an email to [email protected] or fill out the form below and one of our experts will reach out to assist you.

We take advantage of technology, our philosophy is that technology is supposed to make our lives easier. 

Many companies still insist on doing things the old way, we however take advantage of all the technology available to us to save on wasteful overhead.

Encouraging remote work, cloud services, video conferencing, field services that operate only in their specific regions.   

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