Managed IT Services

Services Overview

  • Repair
  • Technical Support
  • Security
  • Data Backup
  • Business Continuity
  • System Restore
  • PC Replacement
  • Email
  • Microsoft Applications
  • Proprietary Applications
  • ISP Liaison: We’ll contact your ISP on your behalf for seamless support 

Voice Services

 Cloud-based unified communication and collaboration platform

☎ Voice Services  Cloud-based phone service with  90+ enterprise-grade features.

♫ Team Chat Messaging service for communication with individuals and team.  ☏ Online Meeting HD video conferencing and screen sharing. 

☁ Share Sync File sync and share with backup for all platforms.  ☏ Manage Online Meeting

☁ Manage ShareSync

☎ Desktop apps │ │ Mobile apps │ │ Web app │ │ Windows (EXE) │ │ Windows (MSI, 32 bit) │ │ Windows (MSI, 64 bit) │ │ Mac

Packages and Options

Basic $/month

  • Repair Services
  • Device Monitoring
  • Basic Tech Support
  • Security Essentials
  • Network Setup and Maintenance (Basic)  


Advanced $/month

  • All services from Basic Package
  • Data Backup (Basic)
  • Advanced Business Continuity
  • Advanced System Restore
  • PC Replacement (Basic)


Premium Package $/month

  • All services from Advanced Package
  • Priority Tech Support
  • Advanced Security
  • Email
  • Microsoft Office
  • Advanced Network Setup and Maintenance
  • Firewall Setup and Support 
  • Data Backup (Advanced)
  • Application Support
  • Website, hosting, and domain support services
  • PC Replacement (Advanced)

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits That Save Your Network:

    • “Fortify Your Network Before It’s Too Late!”
    • “Don’t Risk Network Failure! Our Services Ensure Maximum Security.”

“Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions.


  • Immediate Support and Protection:

    • “Get Instant Protection with Our 24/7 Support.”
    • “Rapid Response: Shield Your Network from Attacks Now!”
    • “Urgent Security Measures: Protect Your Network Today!


  • Essential Services for Business Continuity:

    • “Ensure Business Continuity with Our Unbeatable Services.”
    • “Survive and Thrive: Our Services Keep Your Business Running.”
    • “No Downtime, No Hassle: Secure Your Network Today!


  • Comprehensive Solutions for Every Need:

    • “All-in-One Solutions to Safeguard Your Network.”
    • “Your Network’s Lifeline: Our Services Cover Every Angle.”
    • “Complete Network Security and Support: Get Started Now!


  • Tailored Services for Maximum Impact:

    • “Customized Solutions to Fit Your Network Perfectly.”
    • “Your Network, Your Rules: Personalized Services for You.”
    • “Exclusive Benefits, Immediate Results: Secure Your Network Today!


"Regional IT Services has been a game-changer for our business. Their proactive approach to IT management has ensured that our network is always secure and operating smoothly. The team is highly skilled, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks to their support, we can focus on growing our business with peace of mind. I highly recommend Regional IT Services to any company looking for reliable IT support."
Charles Goss
Owner at AMSI
"Working with Regional IT Services has been essential for our medical practice. Their team ensures that our systems are always up and running, allowing us to focus on providing the best care to our patients. Their quick response time and expertise have been invaluable to our practice. I highly recommend Regional IT Services to any medical office looking for reliable IT support."
Jennifer Franklin
Head Nurse (RN) Paul Sanner MD Family Medicine

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